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Arison Burns

Everyone Has History

Arison Antonucci-Burns comes from a tight-knit family.  She spent most of her childhood in Maine, along with her three brothers who all now live in Bozeman. What’s striking about this family is their work ethic—which Arison explains comes from their parents and overall upbringing. Three of the siblings are also small business owners and the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep.  All have a common drive to be exceptional at whatever they do with the family mantra of “get ‘er done” ringing in their ears.

Knowing Arison, it seems inevitable that she found her way into real estate. Like many professionals, she took a journey to get there. After earning a Bachelor of Applied Science in Community Health Education from Montana State University, she moved to San Diego in pursuit of adventure and to experiment with a bigger city. There, she started working with a property management company. After witnessing the relief and excitement expressed by her clients after finding them the perfect rental, she was hooked.  Every professional step she’s taken since has led her to where she is today.

Arison returned to the Gallatin Valley where she found a job managing a large apartment complex. While she loved working with her short-term housing clients, it wasn’t long before it was clear that real estate was her next step. She joined Keller Williams Montana Realty in 2005, selecting them because of their reputation, perpetual agent education/training and honesty they bring to the industry.

It wasn’t long before Arison was part of the top 20% top producer at Keller Williams, an honor she attributes to her work ethic and determination to be the best she can be no matter what she attempts to do.  Her leadership and education roles in the community/company and business volume in both real estate and property management has helped Arison develop strong industry knowledge and local market know-how.

In 2008, when the market began to transition into a “recession” type of market, Arison made quick moves to adapt to the coming changes. She co-founded Above and Beyond Property Management and was able to adjust to the needs of her clients. Buyers suddenly needed to rent and sellers needed help managing properties they no longer lived in; luckily Arison had a background that allowed her to throw out a safety net for her clients. Now, with more than 150 properties and 16 vacation rentals, Above and Beyond has a reputation for “out of this world service” and real estate expertise.

As the market continues to improve, Arison remains on top of the trends and adapting to fill the needs of today’s clients. She has become an expert in short sales, foreclosure, and new construction.  Arison has a continuous pulse on the real estate industry, in both home sales and property management. This gives her a distinct edge to anticipate—almost intuitively—industry shifts/change.  Her ability to guide her clients through the ride and her business savvy is a constant benefit for those working with Arison.

Uncommon Name, Uncommon Service

Mrs. Antonucci-Burns has a unique ability to get inside your head and tap into your heart. Her gift is not only her ability to listen (she’s great at that too!), but to hear and understand. Grateful clients rave about Arison finding them exactly what they want in a property, sometimes confessing that Arison somehow knew what they wanted even better than they knew themselves. This is where Arison stands apart from the norm. She has an exceptional ability to know people very well in a short amount of time, and then leverage that understanding to deliver the perfect real estate solution.

If her unnatural real estate mind-reading powers aren’t asset enough, her impeccable attention to detail and follow through exceed client expectations every day. But there’s something more to Arison’s ability to put together real estate deals. It’s grounded in tenacity and a drive to find solutions. When a door closes or “no” is spoken, Arison only hears “let’s try a different approach.”  If it can be done, Arison will make it happen.

Maintaining these high standards while managing volume that placed her as the #1 Realtor at Keller Williams for the last 5 years requires not only strong organizational skills, but also having super-star licensed real estate assistants; Lisa Feliciano and Mike Harper.

Arison is a proponent of knowing your strengths and (what she calls) “outsourcing” your weaknesses. She and her team are strong, smart, talented individuals.  Put them together and no gaps remain. They make an ideal team, giving home buyers and sellers not just a respected Realtor, but a team joined in a mission of going every length necessary to get clients exactly what they want.

In addition to Arison’s expertise (which is rife with success stories), her clients appreciate her “educate and facilitate” approach to every transaction. She strives to set appropriate expectations while educating clients concerning the process and the potential consequences of every decision as she feels this will help you make better choices. Once a decision is made, she facilitates the process as your partner, not as a sales person. In the end, your satisfaction is all that really matters.

Arison is truly a one-stop-shop for your real estate needs. Whether buying, selling or leasing, there isn't a whole lot she’s not capable of helping you with. It’s hard not to use clichés when talking about Arison—“best-of-the-best,” “go-getter,” “heavy-hitter”—she exemplifies all. Maybe it’s better to say she’s like ski poles on a powdery slope. You’ll regret if you don’t have her supporting you on the way down.

Arison Antonucci-Burns: Big Name, Big Results"


Lisa Feliciano

Lisa Feliciano joined Arison Antonucci's real estate team in 2014 and hit the ground running. Satisfaction stemming from a successful sale to seeing people celebrate the first day in a new home is what she enjoys most about the real estate industry. She is Montana born and raised as a third generation Montanan which gives her a unique perspective to the constant evolving changes in real estate. From small town Boulder, MT to Bozeman, with a pit stop in Dillon to earn a bachelors degree in business, Lisa's love for Montana and helping others shows in her willingness to satisfy clients.

Lisa's client services stem from her previous work background.  she spent 8 years working at the Yellowstone Jetcenter catering to clients from every walk of life. In 2014, with the support of her husband and young son, she wrote her own pink slip to leave the Jetcenter and pursue a career in real estate. After interviewing with Arison and Kate, Lisa knew instantly that being a part of this team was exactly what she was looking for.  Being able to live in a place you love, raise a family, and have a career you are proud of is a dream come true!

274 Discovery Dr. Bozeman, MT 59718
(406) 451-1458

Mike Harper

Mike relocated to Bozeman from Atlanta with his new wife in 2015. They have family in Bozeman and were ready to begin their new life together in Montana. Mike loves backpacking, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, traveling and is eager to begin hunting.

Mike values family, loyalty and respect above all else. Previous to real estate Mike worked on an ambulance in Atlanta for 7 years. During that time he became an expert at mitigating stress and performing under pressure. These skills combined with Arison's experience will make him a great addition to this real estate team.

274 Discovery Dr. Bozeman, MT 59718
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